The University of Belgrade was founded in 1808. Today, with over 100,000 students, 31 faculties and 12 research institutes, our university is ranked among the top four in Central and Eastern Europe. Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Belgrade, founded in 1937, with over seven thousand students, 120 teachers and associates, several international study programs, ACCA accreditation, institutionalized cooperation with over 100 world universities, as well as with over 400 companies in Serbia and abroad, is one of the most distinguished higher education and research institutions in the fields of economics, business management and statistics in the region of Southeast Europe.

Intensive internationalization of education and scientific research is the backbone of the development strategy of our Faculty and consists of several segments – international mobility of students and staff, enrollment of foreign students into our international study programs, organization of international summer schools, scientific and research seminars and conferences, and actively involving our teachers in international research projects. In addition, the Faculty of Economics and Business offers its students, through the EFMD network the opportunity to do internships abroad, during the course of their studies. The internationalization of education and science enables effective exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills, acquiring new experiences, getting to know new cultures, and connecting with foreign partners, which contributes to improving the quality and competitiveness of our alumni and teachers.

In line with the above, the Faculty of Economics and Business has in the previous period created numerous opportunities for strong involvement of our teachers and associates in various forms of international cooperation through development of institutional capacities for international cooperation, establishment of international study programs, entering the process of acquiring renowned international, professional and academic accreditations (ACCA, EFMD, etc.), joining various international university networks, and continuous expansion of the network of partner universities and faculties.

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